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Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy 11 – Multiple Crises: Recovery, Reform, Transformation,

March 11-12, 2022 - Hosted Virtually by the Department of Political Science at McMaster University, Hamilton and our partners.

Conference Dates: March 11-12th, 2022

The Department of Political Science at McMaster University, in conjunction with the Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Globalization, Institute for Globalization and the Human Condition and the School of Earth, Environment and Society is excited to present Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy 11 Multiple Crises: Recovery, Reform, Transformation The conference brings together graduate students whose research speaks to the questions raised in the fields of Globalization and policy studies.

Eleventh Annual Graduate Conference on the Internationalization of Public Policy

Conference Theme

Multiple crises have been revealed during the global pandemic. Economic divisions have intensified, democratic deficits have deepened, and environmental catastrophes have multiplied. The various policy responses undertaken by nation states and the apparent lack of international coordination cast doubt on whether our global system can respond to these crises. For many, discussions about recovery focus on economic resilience, while others are calling for a more people-centric, inclusive recovery. Yet, as we have seen, these crises are not confined to national borders and nation states cannot act in isolation. With multiple crises continuing to emerge, is our capacity to have a united global system in peril? What role are nation states playing in stabilizing or destabilizing the global system? Are we witnessing a new paradigm of global policy making, and  what are the implications of these crises for global policy making and domestic politics? Is recovery enough?

“Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy 11 Multiple Crises: Recovery, Reform, Transformation,” McMaster University’s eleventh annual Graduate Conference, invites contributions speaking to all questions raised at the intersections of globalization and policy studies. We welcome graduate students from all disciplines to submit proposals for a paper or poster presentation addressing any aspect of public policy that has a global dimension. This includes, but is not limited to, the disciplines of Political Science, International Development Studies, Sociology, Cultural Studies, History, Business, Geography, Law, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Labour Studies, Health Studies, and Philosophy.

Conference Information

For more information on this year's conference, Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy 11 – Multiple Crises: Recovery, Reform, Transformation, which will be held virtually, please follow the links below. 

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Past Conference Information

Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy 10: Program, Poster and Call for Proposals

For more information on previous editions of the conference follow the link below:


"I received constructive, detailed and extensive feedback on the paper that I presented at McMaster's Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy graduate conference. The discussant's comments were all ones that strengthened my paper and were also focused on realistic areas for improvement that took into consideration my position as a graduate student with limited resources" – Conference attendant 

"I was very impressed with my discussant's feedback. It was above and beyond what I expected and it will prove very helpful in revising my paper" – Conference attendant

"I presented at the MGDP conference last year and was really impressed. I received amazing feedback that has really helped in moving my paper forward. I highly recommend the conference to anyone looking for engagement from their discussant" – Conference attendant