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Meet your Political Science Instructors for Spring/Summer 2021

As Spring/Summer 2021 approaches, we are excited to profile a few of the instructors who will be teaching our courses this year.

May 06, 2021

As Spring/Summer 2021 approaches, we are excited to profile a few of the instructors who will be teaching some of our courses this year. 


Tim FowlerPOLSCI 2NN3: Politics by Design & POLSCI 4CA3-E: Issues in Canadian Politics

Tim Fowler has a Ph.D. in political science with a concentration in political economy.  His interests include Canadian political economy, especially questions around the politics of labour in Canada, American politics (especially political parties and electoral politics), and welfare state restructuring.  He is also interested in the politics of popular music and is currently researching the intersections between class, country music, and social change in North America.  He is a cat fancier, and as long as online teaching persists, you should be prepared for feline interruptions during class.


Julie CroskillPOLSCI 3NN3-E: Statistical Analysis of Primary Data

Julie Croskill has a Ph.D. in Political Science. Her research has focused on how political campaigns are gendered – such as how men and women candidates employ different campaign messages, and how they interact with voters. Julie is also interested in political behaviour (who votes for whom and why) and research methodology (how research projects are designed). Julie’s favourite jokes are about campaign promises… and she’s excited to play a game called “Lie to Me” with her POLSCI 3NN3 students this summer!


Tom Vargas -  POLSCI 3LL3: Development and Public Policy

Tom was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica, but completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees in the United States. His research focuses on the provision of public education in the developing world, with attention to the political origins of education policy. In particular, he emphasizes how political choices regarding education are a result of the interaction between the political alignments of interest groups, electoral incentives, and international factors such as policy diffusion. He also specializes in the political economy of development, studying how inequality (of income and land) is related to redistribution and democratization. To study these topics, he makes use of quantitative and qualitative methods including interviews, archival work, large-N statistical work, and survey experiments. 

While at McMaster, Thomas will be working on turning his dissertation into a book and researching how citizen perceptions of government limit the government’s ability to improve public services. In addition, he will work as an Editorial Assistant for Dr. Dion in her capacity as an Editor of the American Political Science Review and collaborate with her on various research projects.


David Said - POLSCI 3CL3Constitutional and Public Law in Canada 


David's areas of interest include Canadian Law and Politics, Administrative Law, Public Policy and Governance, and Legal Research.