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Doctoral Candidate Khaled Al-Kassimi Awarded Travel Scholarships

Political Science doctoral candidate Khaled Al-Kassimi, has been awarded multiple travel scholarships to support field work in Beirut, Lebanon on the neoliberalization of violence and States of Exception

May 24, 2019

Khaled Al-Kassimi was awarded the The William Coleman Fund, Yates Scholarship, and McMaster's School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Grant in Aid of Travel and Research & Field Study Fund. This recognition is based on merit and most importantly dedicated to doctoral candidates  conducting research abroad. Khaled Al-Kassimi's doctoral research in Lebanon, Beirut, is a continuation of his Master's Dissertation entitled 'The Obsolescence of the Westphalian model & the Return to a Maximum State of Exception.' His doctoral project seeks to analyse how and why were over 6,000,000 Arab Syrian's were transformed into refugees and/or internally displaced peoples. His aim is to highlight how the neoliberalization of violence by hiring mercenaries (Al-Qaeda) and Private Military Contractors (PMC) has developed deathworlds (zones of exception) in Arab spaces thereby resurfacing the colonial character of  International Law continuing to be animated by a civilizing mission. His project then highlights that Arab space continues to be imagined - through neo-Orientalist representations -  as being "outside" International. Law - therefore denied sovereignty. The idea of Arab cultural differences being transformed into legal differences thus sanctionning a liberal civilizing mission is reminiscent of previous legal doctrines and formulations developed by naturalists and positivist jurists to legalize conquest. Khaled Al-Kassimi will be defending his doctoral research in April 2020.

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