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Congratulations on Khaled Al-Kassimi's successful Ph.D. defence and for his nomination for the best dissertation!

Sep 29, 2020

Congratulations to Khaled Al-Kassimi on the successful defence of his Ph.D. thesis entitled Jus Gentium & the Arab as Muselmänner: the “Islamist Winter” is the Pre-emptive (Creative) Chaos of the “Arab Spring” Multiplying Necropolises. Also, on his recent nomination for the best Doctoral dissertation in the Political Science department. By adopting a Third World Approach to International Law (TWAIL) in tandem with necropolitics and biopolitics as paradigms of analysis – his dissertation sought to disclose that it is because jus gentium valorizes positivist jurisprudent scholastics postulating an unbridgeable cultural gap between an Athenian mode of Being as a universal sovereign subject, and a Madīnian mode of Being as the particular object denied sovereignty, that leads ratiocinative sovereign figures to legally exercise necropower on the Arab body. His dissertation sought to go beyond the limited (post-colonial) idea asserting that the problem with international law is that it is primarily “Eurocentric” since the simple solution to such a claim would be to include the non-European body in International Law. Rather, the primary question constellating his monograph is: what are the experienced consequences of being temporally included and what are the experienced consequences of being temporally excluded from a legal regime (i.e., jus gentium) reifying a Latin-European philosophical theology universalizing a particular set of liberal-secular cultural mores as a “cultural benchmark” (i.e., purity-metric) in order to be-come imagined as temporally “inside” jus gentium?

Thanks to his committee members Dr. J. Marshall Beier, Dr. Peter Nyers, and Dr. Nibaldo Galleguillos who accompanied him on his Ph.D. adventure since 2016. Also, Dr. Elizabeth Dauphineee for serving as the external examiner of his dissertation from York University, and Dr. Yaser Haddara from McMaster University for chairing the defense. Last but not least, Khaled wanted to thank the McMaster School of Graduate Studies (MSGC) for the multiple awarded scholarships which aided him to go to Lebanon in 2019 and meet with academics at the American University of Beirut (AUB) to discuss and explore his research question.