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A message from the Chair to our Undergraduate students

Mar 27, 2020

Dear Political Science Undergraduate students,

First of all, I hope this message finds you safe, healthy, and at home. COVID-19 has thrust us all into unfamiliar territory. We understand that you, as students, are facing many additional stresses. This may include moving home with family and taking care of their health needs and basic necessities, all while transitioning to online learning and continuing your courses. Please know that the staff and faculty are taking these factors into consideration, and doing their best to assist you, while working remotely. We want to help you to successfully complete your academic year.

You will now be aware that Spring and Summer session undergraduate courses across the university will be delivered online. While we know that you will have many questions about what courses will be delivered in the summer and how they will be delivered, please note that the University is working through the details and will provide additional information as it becomes available.

In Political Science, we are offering the following Spring and Summer session courses online. We have excellent instructors in place, and a bit more time in this instance to develop courses that can make the most of the current circumstances. Of course, one benefit of online courses is that they allow more flexibility in terms of fitting into your schedule. Once students have enrolled, instructors will send you more detailed information on what you can expect. Spring (Term 1) begins Monday, May 4, while Summer (Term 2) begins Monday, June 22.

POLSCI 1AA3-E: Government, Politics & Power (Term 1)

POLSCI 1AB3-E: Politics & Power in a Globalizing World (Term 2)

POLSCI 2D03-E: Canadian Democracy (Term 1)

POLSCI 2J03-E: Global Political Economy (Term 2)

POLSCI 3I03-E: Topics in American Politics (Term 2)

POLSCI 3RF3-E: The Charter of Rights & Freedoms (Term 1)

POLSCI 4FF3-E: Rights & Justice (Term 1)

For more information regarding Spring and Summer courses, please visit Spring and Summer @ Mac.

To our graduating students, we especially regret that the University is forced by current circumstances to plan an online Convocation in June. We know that Convocation is a special event to recognize and celebrate with families and friends all that you have achieved through your time at McMaster. It is also a poignant moment for faculty members who have come to know you, and to share in your intellectual and personal growth. We love joining you for the pomp and ceremony, as you celebrate this important milestone. While we don’t know just yet what we can do, the Faculty of Social Sciences along with our Department are turning our minds to how we can organize a more personal event for you. For details, stay tuned here.

Finally, please be aware that there is a myriad of academic supports and services available to you through the University. A quick guide can be found here. Also know that counselling, health, and wellness services are available through some modified channels. We are all going through this difficult time together, and we thank for your patience as we work through the various decisions that have to be made. From everyone in the Department, we wish you and your loved ones good health. Please stay safe!

Best regards,

Karen Bird, Chair