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Graduation – Student Checklist

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable convocation ceremony for you and your guests, please make certain you complete the following tasks by the appropriate deadlines. If you intend to graduate but will not be attending your ceremony, there are still tasks that must be completed to finalize your graduation.

Oct 29, 2018

For further information on convocation, including graduation statusgraduation information centre (GIC) online formFAQsdeferring convocation, and event details visit the Office of the Registrar's website.

Confirm your eligibility to graduate

  • Check that you have all of the coursework with the required averages (if applicable).
  • If you’re not sure, confirm course requirements with your advisement report Student Centre > My Academics > Academic Requirements in Mosaic or contact your Faculty Academic Advisor.
  • In the case of Graduate Students (Master’s and Ph.D.), visit Degree Completion for more information.
  • Be sure to check your Student Centre tab> My Academics > Graduation Status.   
    • Until final grades and academic standing are reviewed, your status will read ‘Eligible’. In the Fall, your status will change to one of Approved, Denied or Withdrawn. For questions regarding your status, please contact your Faculty office.

Apply to Graduate – through Mosaic

  • Students planning to graduate in Fall 2018 should visit Student Centre > My Academics to apply to graduate.
  • If a status of ‘Eligible’ appears on this step, your Faculty has already begun the assessment process and you are not required to apply.

Check your name in Mosaic

Complete your profile in the Graduation Information Centre (GIC)

  • RSVP as soon as possible! Deadline to complete your profile in the GIC:  November 12, 2018
  • The GIC notifies the Office of the Registrar of key information about your expected graduation, including the degree and program you expect to graduate from.
  • This online form must be completed if you intend to graduate from McMaster; it confirms whether you plan to attend your ceremony. Please note there may be fees associated with graduation depending on whether or not you decide to attend your ceremony.
  • Should you wish to have your diploma mailed to you instead of attending the ceremony, please note that the Graduation Information Centre offers diploma mailing through Canada Post at a standard fee of $25.00. To avoid delays or misdirected diplomas, diplomas sent internationally must be sent via FedEx. FedEx is the only service to provide a tracking number for international mailing. You can select this option through the GIC, please note that FedEx rates will apply.

Apply for a Minor or Certificate

  • Minor – You can apply for your minor in the online Minor/Certificate Application Centre. For more information about minors please see the Undergraduate CalendarDeadline to apply for a minor: November 2, 2018
  • McMaster Mohawk Affiliated Certificate – Faculty of Social Sciences – If you have completed the requirements for the McMaster Mohawk Affiliated Certificate and are preparing to graduate, you can apply  in the Minor/Certificate Application Centre by the above deadline.

 Check your student account: ensure all fees have been paid

  • Visit Mosaic to view your student account (Finances > Account Inquiry)
  • If you have any questions regarding your student account, visit the Student Accounts & Cashiers websiteor contact their office.
  • Upon graduation, your diploma will not be released until all outstanding fees have been cleared.

 Verify the date and time of your ceremony

  • Convocation dates can be found on the Convocations Dates page. Be sure to check the breakdown of the degrees conferred during each ceremony noted on this page.

Deferral of Convocation

 Complete the Convocation Accessibility Form – for graduands or guests with disabilities

  • Graduands or guests with disabilities attending convocation are asked to complete the online Convocation accessibility form at least two weeks before the convocation ceremony. The Office of the Registrar will follow-up with further information.
  • For additional information about accessibility at convocation, please contact the Convocation accessibility phone line at (905) 525-9140 ext. 21676, or e-mail at

 Share the details with your guests

  • Share the time, date, location, along with any other information you think is important for your friends and family to know. They may wish to visit the Information for Parents and Guests web page.


For further information on convocation, including graduation statusgraduation information centre (GIC) online formFAQsdeferring convocation, and event details visit the Office of the Registrar's website.