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Department of Anthropology

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Human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts.


Human evolution, variation, and classification especially through measurement and observation.


Social patterns and practices across cultures, how people live, how they organize, govern, and create meaning.

2,000-year-old human remains confirm presence of malaria during the Roman Empire

McMaster Anthropology researchers, Hendrik Poinar and Tracy Prowse help uncover evidence of malaria in Italy during height of Roman Empire.

Dec 05, 2016

Anthropology Colloquium Series | Natasha Myers, York University

Title: From Edenic Apocalypse to Gardens Against Eden: Plants and People in and after the Anthropocene, Date: Tuesday, Dec.6: Location: AN Bourns Science Building, Room A404 Time: 3:30-5:00 pm

Nov 29, 2016

Anthropology Student Recognized for extraordinary community service by Ontario University Athletics

Meet Gabriel Ghiglione, a young men who cares "a whole awful lot."

Nov 18, 2016

B.A. Anthropology

The 3-year B.A. program will provide students with a foundation in the field of Anthropology and its main subfields.

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Hons.B.A. Honours Anthropology

The B.A. Honours program will provide students with a developed understanding of the discipline of Anthropology and its main subfields. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, communication, and problem solving, all of which are identified by potential employers as key skills needed for successful employment.

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Minor Minor in Anthropology

The minor in Anthropology provides students in other disciplines the opportunity to learn about anthropological research, cross-cultural differences, and provides a broad understanding of the experience of being human.

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M.A. Master of Arts in Anthropology

The department grants an M.A. in anthropology in the following areas of specialization: Archaeology, Culture, Health and Disease, Biological Anthropology, and Cultural Anthropology. Students admitted to the M.A. program have the option of doing coursework and then 1) writing a MRP (1-year), or 2) writing a scholarly thesis (2-year) which demonstrates ability to conduct original research.

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Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology

Admission to the doctoral program is very competitive and is based on a consideration of demonstrated scholarly excellence, suitability of research interests, availability of appropriate supervision, and availability of openings. Most successful applicants have sufficient background in their area of specialization within anthropology to benefit from advanced training in the field.

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